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Providing TSI training for staff, employers & the parents of people with disabilities

Systematic Instruction Training is the brain child of the late Dr. Marc Gold who pioneered the TAW (Try Another Way) model which was developed to train people with significant disabilities a wide range of skills.  Dr. Marc Gold was a firm believer that ‘anyone can learn if we can figure out a way to teach them.’ The principle of Systematic Instruction works on the theory that ‘all’ tasks can be broken down into manageable, trainable chunks. Thus, with the right guidance ‘any’ learner is able to achieve.

In the early days the focus with TSI was based around employment but after many years of delivering workshops to a range of clients it became apparent that the trained skills were transferable to Independent Living, community engagement and a whole range of other relevant activities.

Our workshops are traditionally run over three days,  two days of theory and practice on a variety of tasks, followed  by the third day working with associate learners (with a disability),whereby we put our new found theory into practice. The format of the workshop can be altered to suit customers’ specific needs or intended outcomes.

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The Systematic Instruction Organisation was founded by Geoff Warner who was one of the first group to become ‘Mark Gold’ trained trainers and has continued this work for the last thirty plus years. In the early 1990’s Mike Petrie who was working in this field and was striving to empower people with learning disabilities, became one of Geoff’s students.  The workshop was a true ‘EUREKA’ moment as he had discovered a new ‘tool’ to support his quest.

Mike became Geoff’s protégé and continues to forge ahead and provide thought provoking and an engaging range of workshops. He has worked with various Independent Living projects, Employment Agencies, an Independent Travel Training unit and Employers and Parents alike. Mike prides himself on the total flexibility of his programmes, which are always bespoke to suit customers’ specific needs. Powerful values and positive methodology underpin The Systematic Instruction Organisation ethos.


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